Dear gentleman, If you are looking virtual fun, erotic call with me, please note I don’t accept payment ways that I offered before. The reason is quite understandable, so if you didn’t catch me that time or you wish to connect me again here is the option.

For the foreigner guys without Russian bank account, donation for the call you can make with crypto currency monero XMR, bitcoin ( short calls accepted), transfer online on the card ( if its available in your country), mobile top up, as well you can make payment on the site with card, it is minimum fee 60 euro for one session, such offer is limited, please ask me and I redirect you the link.

Having bank account in Russia, you can easily make instant transfer on the card. Session entrance fee is 2700 Russian Rubles.

Our session:

I have a variety of seductive outfits


You can send me your desired look